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 WNTRWKND18 | JANUARY 12-14, 2018


Perhaps the most talked about event of Refuge Student Ministries each year, Winter Weekend is a growth experience with disciple-making as our focus. Whether you have been a Christian for two months or twelve years or perhaps just beginning to check out what following Jesus is all about, Winter Weekend is guaranteed to be a spiritual pillar that God can use to help you meet Him and be changed.

Winter Weekend is a weekend where students hang out in a host home along with other students from the same grade and gender.  These people literally become a "family" for a few days.  Throughout the weekend, there will be four sessions. In these sessions, students will have the opportunity to be challenged by a guest speaker (Garrett Raburn) and join others in authentic worship (Rob Wilson Band). In addition to these sessions, there are a few WW leaders in each house who will be leading follow-up discussions after each message. They are sure to have meaningful conversation about some relevant and crucial topics of the Christian journey. The purpose of all of this is to develop and empower students with a faith that actually impacts not just what you do but who you are.

Not only this, but there will be lots of cool things going on throughout the weekend to add to the excitement including light-hearted competition, games, and everyone’s favorite worship concert late Saturday night. 

It is a guarantee that you will love this weekend.  Who knows?  You may even be changed by #WNTRWKND18



NOV 12 - NOV 19 >> EARLY BIRD >> $100 

NOV 20 - DEC 17 >> REGULAR BIRD >> $120

DEC 18 - JAN 1 >> LATE BIRD >> $140