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Our annual Middle School All-nighter at Group Dynamix. Always a good time.

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8612th Refuge Summer Hunger Games

Welcome to the Games

Just like in everyone’s favorite movie series, Refuge students will have their own opportunity to volunteer as tribute to participate in the 8612th Hunger Games. In this competition, 2 students will represent a district and eliminate members of other districts to assert their superiority each week! Games begin this Sunday, July 9, but tributes may also join at a later date. 

How the Game Works

On Sunday night each week, each tribute (student) will be assigned two things: a contract and a district. The contract will contain a name and a picture of the face of their target for the week. Students’ primary goal each week is to eliminate their target.  Elimination can only take place in one manner: squirting the target with a water gun (VRBC will provide). To avoid any discrepancy during an elimination attempt, there must be a witness present. This is where district assignments come into play. There will be two members from each district, and the tributes’ fellow district member must be present at the elimination attempt to serve as the witness.  The witness must record the elimination on video to avoid any disputes of the elimination (see Rules and Regulations no. 2).  After an elimination, announce the success to the head gamemakers (Rich/Interns).  Also, after an elimination, the attacking tribute will acquire the contract of the eliminated tribute.  A tribute continues to serve as a witness after elimination.  The game continues until the next Saturday at 10pm, and there will be no eliminating until the next week.  The game will start over each week on Monday mornings.  At the end of each week, the leaderboard will be updated.  Each elimination is worth one point.  Also, there will be a hidden item around Coppell each week.  The gamemakers will give a hint of the location of the item at some time during the week, and the tribute that finds the item will earn two points.  Additionally, there will be weekly awards, such as most eliminations in the week and best elimination story.  The ultimate winner at the end of the summer will be the tribute with the most accumulated points.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Eliminations are only to be made from 8:00am to 10:00pm, Monday through Saturday. Sundays are strictly off limits; no eliminations are to be made on Sundays at any time.

  2. Both members of a district must be present in order to complete an elimination. One member must be the eliminator and the other must be the witness. The target may be alone at the time of elimination. The witness is responsible for video documenting the elimination. Eliminations will not count unless caught on video, which must be presented to the Head Gamemakers (Rich and the interns) as soon as possible, certainly before the end of the week (Saturday at 10:00pm).

  3. Tributes will only be allowed to use the Squirt Guns provided by VRBC in order to complete eliminations. The use of personal water guns or balloons of any type will not be tolerated. The punishment for violating this rule will be determined by the Head Gamemakers.





Summer Bash


Grab your lawn chairs, frisbees, and footballs (and don’t forget sunscreen) and join us Sunday evening, June 25, from 5:30 to 8:00pm atTown Center Plaza at 255 E. Parkway Boulevard in Coppell (right behind Town Center) for the first-ever “VRBC Summer Bash”!

We’ll have a blast hanging out together and enjoying delicious food, fun games (for kids and adults), and great music. Our students have just returned from a mission trip to Kansas City and it was awesome! As part of this fun evening, students will share songs and stories from the trip and we’ll celebrate baptism together. Come and join in the fun!

FREE T-SHIRTS! Anyone coming to the Summer Bash who would like to wear a VRBC t-shirt to the event can pick up a free shirt in the lobby after the worship service on June 25.

 FREE FOOD! Enjoy hot dogs, chips, watermelon, and drinks, and be sure to save room for a Kona Ice® sno-cone!

SERVE OPPORTUNITY! There are several opportunities to serve at the Summer Bash. Whether you’d like to help out at a food or game station or help set up or tear down, click here to sign up to serve. or check the appropriate box on the back of your Connection Card in worship!

 BAPTISM OPPORTUNITY! You can also come to the Summer Bash and decide to be baptized right then and there! Just meet us at the red Welcome Tent at 5:30 that evening, and we’ll get you all set up. If you’re interested in finding out more about baptism, contact Rich Roush at



Day 7

We have had a wonderful final day in Kansas City. Family groups started out this morning at the same sites they visited yesterday. We got back in time to pack up for tomorrow, and then we began our super full evening. 

We played a game of Two Truths and a Lie to finish off this year's family group competition (congrats to D-Look!!). The senior skit that followed was a great success, and then we moved into a powerful time of worship and prayer. After that it was time for our final family group gatherings. 

We prayed tonight for our recent graduates and for our trip leaders. Please pray with us for them and for safe travels tomorrow. Please also join us in praying for all of our team as we come home and wrestle with how to best continue the work God has begun in us this week. Pray that we would be aware of the Spirit in/around us and respond to Him in obedience. 

We will be having an event involving ice cream this coming Wednesday (6/28) to hang out and to celebrate and reflect on what God has done!! We'll meet from 6:30-8:00 in VRBC's upstairs student area. All who went on the trip--leaders included--are invited to join us. Let your student know!

Thank you for your prayers this week and investment in our students! See you back in Dalla



Day 6

Thursday is in the books! Today was another fruitful day of ministry as family groups spread out around Kansas City!  After serving at sites, 86:12 got to perform  in their second concert of the week at City Union Mission. The concert was amazing, and included several incredible filler acts. Some of the songs were even communicated in sign language!  God is working in the lives of our students and the people they are working with!  Tomorrow is our last day in Kansas City and we are excited to finish our week with a great day!

Things to pray for:
1. That God would give us the strength to serve joyfully on our last day.
2. That the people we encounter tomorrow would experience Christ. 
3. The God would help us have a meaningful last day with our family groups.



Day 5 - Drumm Farm

Today was a great day to be in Kansas City! 86:12 had the opportunity to go all together to Drumm Farm Center for Children, a community that provides homes for foster families. Upon arriving, the students split up into their family groups to help out around the farm by performing tasks like organizing the pantry, painting fences, clearing out brush around the pond, pruning tomatoes, planting vegetables, weeding fields, and more. Everyone had very positive attitudes and worked very hard in serving the Lord and Drumm Farm today, and it was a blessing to be a part of it! After our day at Drumm Farm, we had the opportunity to eat some authentic Kansas City barbecue at Loose Park at UMKC. It was a beautiful evening filled with food, games, fellowship, family group time, and group pictures! Although it was a long and exhausting day, we made some great memories, and we hope that the Lord made a difference in and through us today. We can't wait to see what He has in store tomorrow! 


Some things to be praying for...

1. Pray for health and safety for the group on less sleep, our immune systems are susceptible to illness, so please pray that we will be able to finish out the trip in good health! 

2. Pray for our students' loved ones back home, as it can be hard to be fully present when tough things are going on back at home.

3. Pray for endurance, stamina, strength, and energy for our students and leaders as they finish out this week of service.






Day 4

Another full day has come to a close in Kansas City. Each family group spent another day at the ministries they visited yesterday. Our students have already completed a great deal of work. One director of a ministry here thanked us for doing two years' worth of work in two days. We find ourselves grateful for the Spirit who gives us strength to do our work and for our leaders who plan and organize in a way that makes our 86:12 team's efficiency possible.

The seniors joined Rich and John for a dinner off campus, as is tradition for seniors on every trip. The rest of the group had a significantly quieter dinner followed up by some games. 

A chef at a homeless shelter shared with one group today that she loves her job because every day she gets to obey Jesus's command to feed people. Please pray that we, like her, would delight in these opportunities to participate in the life of God who loves the world, not tiring of doing good, especially as we face that (usually) most tired and difficult day: Wednesday. Thank you for your prayers thus far!


1.  Pray that spiritual conversation would continue to build over the next few days.   We know how catalytic these conversations can be on the foundations of our students. 

2.  Pray for physical endurance.  We are hitting the middle of our week and fully expect the fatigue factor to play in a role in both the students and leaders. 

There's a new video recapping Day 3 and 4. Enjoy!




Day 3

And just like that, the first weekday of the trip is in the books! After breakfast and a devo by Rich, 86:12 traveled to serve at various ministries with their family groups. We served at City Union Mission, Micah Ministries, My Father's House, Adelante, and Mother's Refuge, and in those locations, we had the opportunity to put our faith into action by serving lunch to those in need, helping clean and restore the buildings of those ministries, and more. We have already had many incredible opportunities to connect with one another and with those we are encountering in Kansas City! One of those amazing opportunities was when we had the privilege of putting on a concert for the residents of John Knox Village Senior Living Center. We ended the concert with hymns that all of the residents knew, and many of them sang along with us. It was a very meaningful experience both for the residents and for our students! To finish the day, we played a game of Sibling Rivalry and then spent some time reflecting on our days with our family groups. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow! 

Some things to be praying for include...
1. Pray that God will prepare the heart of those we'll encounter for the word He will bring to them through us this week. 
2. Pray that the students will be making meaningful connections with those they encounter in Kansas City, their peers in their family groups, and the leaders on the trip.
3. Pray that God will sustain us and provide energy and strength to our students as fatigue starts to set in.